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Types of Services

  • Prenatal Visits- In-home and Telehealth

    • ​Prenatal planning for breastfeeding is such an important step for expecting parents! This visit will help you learn the steps you can take before birth to help breastfeeding go smoothly for you and your baby.

    • Establishing care prior to giving birth allows for the best start for you and your family. We will go over what to expect at time of delivery, what the first few days look like, pumping, and helping you meet your personal feeding goals! 

  • Postnatal Lactation Visit- In-home and Telehealth

    • This visit is for after baby is here! It is always important to schedule a follow up soon after babies birth, even if feeds seem to be going really well. During the visit, a full assessment of the baby will be done to assess feeding, latching, weight gain, body structure, reflexes and more! Flange sizing for pump and pump education if needed. Any concerns of the parents will be addressed. Initial visits are usually 90 minutes or more. 

  • Bottle Refusals

    • Pumping and Bottle feeding, or formula feeding, or need to go back to work and baby won't take a bottle? I can help find the best bottle for your baby and help get baby to feed efficiently from a bottle. 

Insurance Coverage

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