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Pro Eletrica Multiplus

Pro Eletrica Multiplus: A Software for Electrical Projects

Pro Eletrica Multiplus is a software for designing and sizing electrical installations in low voltage, lightning protection, photovoltaic panels, structured cabling, street lighting, and home automation. It allows exporting the electrical projects in 3D to BIM software through the optional BIM/IFC or REVIT module. The license of Pro Eletrica Multiplus is permanent, not being a rental, which results in a very high cost-benefit ratio.

In this article, we will introduce some of the main features and benefits of using Pro Eletrica Multiplus for your electrical projects.


Automatic Launching

With Pro Eletrica Multiplus, you can automate the launching of outlets, luminaires, and conduits in your electrical project. The software will automatically place the symbols according to the architectural drawing and the parameters you define. You can also edit, move, copy, or delete the symbols as you wish.

Luminous Calculation

Pro Eletrica Multiplus can calculate the number of luminaires or lamps for an environment using the Lumens method according to NBR-ISO-8995-1 and NBR-5413/92 standards. The software will show you the luminous flux, illuminance, uniformity, and color temperature for each point in the environment. You can also choose from different types of lamps and luminaires available in the software library or create your own.

Sizing and Automatic Launching of Wiring

Pro Eletrica Multiplus can size the section of wires and cables according to NBR-5410 standards by the criteria of voltage drop, current capacity, and minimum gauge. The software will also automatically launch the wiring by the optimized routing. You can also edit the wiring properties, such as color, material, insulation, and length.

Material List

Pro Eletrica Multiplus can generate a detailed and accurate list of materials for your electrical project. The software will show you the quantity, unit, description, and price of each item used in your project. You can also export the list to Excel or PDF formats.

BIM Integration

With the optional BIM/IFC or REVIT module, you can export your electrical projects to BIM software, such as AutoCAD, ZWCADPRO, GStarCADPRO, BRICSCadPRO and ARES Commander (only in English). You can also import BIM models from other disciplines, such as architecture and structure, and integrate them with your electrical project. This way, you can collaborate with other professionals and avoid conflicts and errors in your design.


Pro Eletrica Multiplus is a powerful and easy-to-use software for electrical projects that offers a comprehensive range of tools and solutions for low voltage installations. It allows you to create high-quality, reliable, and safe electrical projects following the ABNT standards. It also enables you to export your projects to BIM software and work with other disciplines in a collaborative way. If you are looking for a software that can help you with your electrical projects, Pro Eletrica Multiplus is a great choice.

To learn more about Pro Eletrica Multiplus, visit [their website] or watch [this video].


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