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Zalmoxis The Vanishing God Pdf Free

Zalmoxis The Vanishing God Pdf Free

Zalmoxis is a mysterious figure in the history and mythology of the Dacians, an ancient people who inhabited the region of modern Romania and Moldova. Zalmoxis was regarded as a god, a king, a priest, a prophet, or a hero by different sources, and his cult involved a belief in immortality and a ritual of human sacrifice. Zalmoxis is also the title of a book by the Romanian historian and philosopher Mircea Eliade, who explored the religious and cultural significance of Zalmoxis and his followers in the context of comparative studies in the religions and folklore of Dacia and Eastern Europe.


If you are interested in learning more about Zalmoxis and his vanishing godhood, you can download a free PDF version of Eliade's book from the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library that offers free access to millions of books, movies, music, and other media. You can find the PDF file of Zalmoxis: The Vanishing God by Mircea Eliade at [this link]. You can also read the book online or borrow it for 14 days if you create an account on the website.

The book was originally published in French in 1970 under the title De Zalmoxis à Gengis-Khan: études comparatives sur les religions et le folklore de la Dacie et de l'Europe orientale. It was translated into English in 1972 by Willard R. Trask and published by the University of Chicago Press. The book consists of nine chapters that cover various aspects of Zalmoxis and his cult, such as his historical and mythical origins, his relation to other Indo-European deities, his role as a mediator between humans and the supreme god, his teachings on immortality and reincarnation, his influence on the Dacian resistance against the Roman Empire, and his legacy in the later Romanian folklore and culture.

The book is not only a scholarly work on Zalmoxis and Dacia, but also a reflection of Eliade's own personal and intellectual journey. Eliade was born in Bucharest in 1907 and studied philosophy and history at the University of Bucharest. He became fascinated by the Dacian civilization and its spiritual heritage, which he saw as a source of inspiration and identity for the modern Romanians. He also developed an interest in comparative religion and mythology, which led him to travel to India, Japan, China, and other countries to study their cultures and traditions. He became one of the most influential scholars of religion in the 20th century, writing numerous books and articles on topics such as yoga, shamanism, alchemy, symbolism, archetypes, and the sacred and the profane.

Eliade's book on Zalmoxis is a valuable contribution to the understanding of the Dacian religion and culture, as well as a testimony of his own quest for meaning and transcendence. You can download it for free from the Internet Archive and enjoy reading it at your own pace.


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