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Harpa Crista Vol 2 Mattos Nascimento Playback

Harpa Crista Vol 2 Mattos Nascimento Playback

Harpa Crista Vol 2 Mattos Nascimento Playback is a collection of gospel songs performed by the Brazilian singer and composer Mattos Nascimento. The album features 12 tracks from the Harpa Crista hymnal, which is widely used by evangelical churches in Brazil. The songs are sung in Portuguese and accompanied by instrumental music, creating a soothing and uplifting atmosphere for worship and praise.

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The album was released in 2019 by the label MK Music, which specializes in Christian music. It is available on various streaming platforms, such as SoundCloud , Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music. The album has received positive reviews from listeners and critics, who praised Nascimento's voice, interpretation, and faithfulness to the original hymns.

Mattos Nascimento is one of the most popular and influential gospel singers in Brazil. He has recorded over 40 albums and sold more than 10 million copies. He is known for his distinctive style of mixing samba, soul, and pop with gospel music. He has collaborated with many other artists, such as Fernanda Brum, Aline Barros, Shirley Carvalhaes, and Cassiane. He is also a pastor and a preacher, who shares his testimony of conversion and deliverance from drug addiction.

Harpa Crista Vol 2 Mattos Nascimento Playback is a great choice for anyone who enjoys gospel music and wants to sing along with some of the most beautiful hymns in Portuguese. The album is suitable for personal devotion, family worship, or church service. It is a testament to Nascimento's talent and passion for God's word.


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